I think what makes a misanthrope one is that we need distance, but physical and emotional, from other people. We honestly don’t like or understand others that much, or things that other people seem to take for granted we don’t look at in the same way.

The distance is somewhat of a safety precaution with us, because we suffer in relation to others because all of the little social skills people seem to intuit naturally come secondhand at best to us. It’s like driving behind a car on the road-the slower your reaction times, the more distance you put between yourself and it to compensate.

MMO’s actually are great about this, as is the internet, because of the distance they provide enables us people-haters to unwind. People are there, but they aren’t close. You can turn the pc off and go out to walk for a bit. That’s one of the reasons why many of us play them, well, the positive reasons. I don’t think that negative reasons are really self-sustaining.


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