Goblins and Potatoes.

So I’m playing Mabinogi, a little free to play MMO by nexon. I actually like it a lot. I can solo, it’s got a nice variety of fetch quests, solo and group dungeons, and a pretty large world. But it illustrates an odd thing about MMOS.

I can pretty much kill a Goblin in one attack round now. A swing of dual-wielded swords and he is done. I can kill them repeatedly over the course of an entire dungeon, pretty efficiently. Only when they gang up on me with archers do I die.

But for some reason, I can’t dig up potatoes to save my life.

The way the mechanics work, I fail about half of my attempts. This is GATHERING POTATOES. What’s worse is some of the failure messages:

“The weeding hoe doesn’t work right.”

“My hands slipped.”

Dude it’s potatoes. if anything, I should be less efficient killing people than gathering these vegetables and putting them in a sack. They don’t evade, they don’t have high armor class to parry my hoe.

For MMO designers in general the idea really should be that if you want to make us feel strong, don’t make us incapable of certain tasks. Its better to slow gathering down than to “miss” something a 6 year old can do. In FFXI we call it “the fortification evades.”

BRB I’m going to try and aggro some wheat.


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