Moogle madness and updates.

Looks like the new FFXI update is July 20th, but it is nothing to get excited about so far. Here’s what is known about it:

-Adding a new style of Moblin Maze Monger Fights, in which you get a goblin companion pretty similar to the NPC companion that already exists. You have to escort and level up the guy for rewards.

Problem with this is that MMM continues to take up valuable developer time that could be spent elsewhere. Not many people like to do it, especially since they nerfed the marble rewards. Even though a workaround exists with a specific rune set up, its ignored. This to me is just trying to recycle past mechanics in a new sense.

Of course I can’t stand levelling fellows, so your mileage may vary.

-Ninja gets two stances, Jonin and Innin. One is essentially boosts to tanking when facing enemies with an acc penalty, the other is boosts to DDing when behind with and enmity penalty.

Not bad, ninja honestly needed a bone. However it is something you have to see in practice to judge-too modest a boost and its useless, too strong and it’s overpowering.

-New WOTG missions. Kind of blah there, they are fun, but they have been dragging their feet on releasing them, and it cuts down on the excitement level.

-the moogle add-on scenario. It’s hard to care about this, since the last one was a dull fetch quest with a cheap last fight and a weak tsory. People beat in in one day. There’s more potential for fun, I do think comedy in an MMO is vastly needed, but if its anything like the last one people will bitch.

-update to circle abilities. In otherwords, lets buff the twohanders and pld more. I hope to god it is an update to killer traits instead of just the circle abilities, it would make them worthwhile again.

-two new blue magic spells. Wow. Pass the popcorn.

The clincher for me is whether or not campaign in the northlands and the quasi-endgame event it seems to be is any good. If not, I’m out, the game isn’t fun any more to me. If it is, it might be the thing that keeps me to stay. Still, really modest update, isn’t it?


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