Skipping School.

So I decided to treat myself on Mabinogi. For about $15.00 US, you can buy a 30 day package of goods that let you have some needed things, like increased bank and bag space, as well as gifts and items once per day or less.

It felt very much like skipping school. The whole “F2P is bad, you shouldn’t pay real money to get advantages” idea is more ingrained than I thought.  I didn’t know if I was supposed to enjoy it or feel guilty.

However, no denying it made the game easier. Part of the options give you limited “get out of jail free” cards with instant bombs to kill in a wide aoe, and a few times to revive from death with full health and little penalty.  It felt good not to have to worry about dying so much-without it at level 31, the penalties get very large in terms of exp loss when you die.

It’s not a bad price, its about what i pay per month with FFXI, and with the expansion costs you could by 3-6 pets and rebirth several times. It’s just interesting to me how much the idea of time onry affected me.


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