Why I’m not thrilled with PvP

Several reasons:

1. I don’t like viewing people as enemies. I have plenty of reasons to do so in real life if I choose, and when I come on to a video game, I’d like to feel warm fuzzies and work together with people.

I’m consistent with this across genres, I don’t play online FPS or any sort of head to head game.

2. It’s almost always unbalanced as hell. Be it player levels, player knowledge, cheat devices, or whatever, it’s almost never a fair fight in an MMO. That’s not even counting underhanded play like spawn camping, farming noobs, etc.

3. There is no sportsmanship. Usually what drives this is the presence of ulterior rewards for winning, but there usually is no concept of the “gallant enemy” in a PVP game.  In FFXI many NA players got annoyed with ballista because of it, because the NA players like one-on one dueling, and the JP figured out it was best to zerg the weakest in a group.

4. No positive aspect to losing. If you lose, you suck, pretty much. It’s not like a raid, where you lose to learn, in PvP it’s possible to lose often and win infrequently if at all. Plus, the actual losing tends to be weighted with negative emotions too, linked to the no sportsmanship comment above.

5. It doesn’t inspire any good emotions beyond an adrenaline rush for me. If i lose, i get angry. If I win, rarely i’ll feel good, but with the way most pvp events set up, you win by a huge mismatch or by picking off the weak in group play. It just doesn’t inspire the same feelings as taking down a boss or making an exp party work.

That’s it. These are all personal reasons, and why I don’t do PvP in games any more. I used to PvP in FFXI for probably 6 months, and stopped, so I have experience, but it just doesn’t appeal.


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