Downloading Maple Story

…for the hell of it. My only real contact with it before was watching my two nephews play it one holiday. Nothing is more guaranteed to make you feel old than that, it wasn’t too long for many of us that we were the kids doing things that were just as impenetrable.

I am impressed with Mabinogi, so I figured I’d try it. Mabinogi isn’t perfect, it actually has a lot of flaws and is generally very unpolished. Mobs sometimes fail to spawn, NPC text has typoes, and the game is pretty unbalnced in terms of weapons. But it was fun enough to do, so I’m curious about the one that started it all for Nexon.

I had tried downloading Shin Megami Tensei Online, a coworker plays it, but the dowload got borked when I tried to open it. With overnight downloads, that tends to not make people want to retry.


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