Why MMOs are like Anime

Since everyone seems to be doing a turn at comparisons…

WoW: You know that anime everyone loves and is huge? The one where almost every forumgoer has heard of it, it has a bewildering array of merchandise at hot topic, and is at the top of the charts on Cartoon Network? That’s WoW. You like it, are indifferent to it, or blame it as the downfall of all anime everywheres. Still, you can’t avoid it, or it’s many, many clones.

examples: Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Pokemon.

FFXI: You know that anime that’s out that you really, really like, but others just can’t get? To your frustration, it never gets any press while crap like Dragon Ball Z defines the anime market. Yeah, you admit it’s a pain in the ass to actually watch, and you need a wiki to really understand it, as well as a lot of repeat viewings, but it rewards the elite withan experience like little else in anime. Allthough you wonder sometimes if it isn’t just overrated after all…

examples: Serial Experiments Lain, The Melacholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Revolutionary Girl Utena

EVE online: You know that anime that is utterly repugnant to most people? The one you really like to revel in the dark side of it, because it subverts every stale anime convention that exists, and lets the viewer really go beyond their preconcieved moral boundaries of right and wrong to engage in wild fantasy? Sure, it never will go beyond it’s rabid audience, and it probably is best that it doesn’t, as it’s the most vulnerable to overexposure revealing its flaws. But it sure is one wild, often shocking ride if you approach it with the right attitude.

examples: Gantz, Shadow Star Narutaru, Bokano.

Mabinogi/Wizard Online/Free Realms (grouping these under a “type”): You know that kids anime that you watch? Admit it, you love watching Digimon. Lord knows enough people on the web do, although people won’t admit it. You started innocently enough, but got hooked as you got into it, and it was suprisingly good for what it was. Normally anime kids shows are pure crap, but soon enough you are so into it that you have to make excuses to the cashier why you are buying the DVD collection of Sailor Moon at age 24 being neither a kid nor a woman.

Yeah, it is pure crap a lot of times, and designed for adolescent boys and girls it seems, but you just can’t stop.

Examples: Sailor Moon, Voltron, Robotech, Unico, Hello Kitty, Hikaru no go.

Everquest: You know that old 70s anime that was so seminal in making it an artform? It might have spawned the giant robot genre, or it might have been Ideon to Evangelion: inspired something huge. You love the old-school flavor of it, but admit it really was a part of its time, and most newer viewers find it really clunky and not that much fun-filled with boring filler espisodes and tremendously limited animation. Still, nothing really matches the emotional attachment you had when watching it for the first time, and its a part of anime history.

examples: Mazinger Z, Space Runway Ideon, Ribbon no tenshi, Fist Of the North Star.

Ultima Online (please don’t hit me.): You know that REALLY old anime? The one that even fans don’t know existed, and may even be black and white? The first one the oldest fans ever watched? We are talking 1960s, people. The one you can’t even find any more except in fan dubs, but was truly one of the first anime that set the standard for it.

Unlike EQ, it’s so far back as almost to be alien. People may know of it in a legendary sense, but few if anyone actually claim to have watched it in its syndicated run, let alone at all.

examples: 8th man, Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor Leo, Gigantor.

Darkfall Online: It’s a work of genius, you don’t care what anyone else says about the director. Yeah, it never gets anywhere near the critical acclaim that EVE gets, and most watchers would flee screaming from the room after a few minutes, but they are wussies anyways. They can go back to writing yaoi slash about fruitsbasket. This is a game for real men, and real women who act like real men. True, people think of it as one step above tentacle porn, but STFU noob, learn to appreciate its beauty.

examples: ANYTHING by Go Nagai, Devilman  most especially. Genocyber.

Please feel free to add more. Keep in mind it’s realy tongue in cheek based on perception: I know you might see EVE as more Cowboy Bebop if you are a fan of it.


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