A tale of two updates

In FFXI, they just released a sneak peek at the next update, which was very weak. Posted earlier, it was adding new capability to the bell item, and fulfilling a japanese request to make curry buns a food. It was met with disdain if not anger, and was seen as wasting time on trivia when they could be spending effort on balancing some of the more weakened or neglected jobs.

In Mabinogi they also did an update. It added several new abilities, but also adde a fair amount of fluff, like being able to buy cymbals, drums, and throw paper airplanes. Same amount of fluff, but since the game culture is different, no real anger.

It’s really two different cultures. In FFXI you need a group to do anything. In Mabinogi not only could you solo many things, you can level without fighting at all. So in one game, heavily results oriented, bells are failures. In the other, throwing paper airplanes are fun.

Go figure, eh?


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