Mabinogi G1

I’m midway through the generation 1 quest in Mabinogi. It’s mostly a main storyline quest giving backstory on the game itself, as opposed to generations 2-5, which focus more on players unlocking powerful transformed modes.

What’s very interesting is that they use a unique concept called RP dungeons. You do not play as your character: instead you play a flashback sequence in which you take the role of a past NPC with their own skills, inventory, and abilities. It’s a great idea as it lets you experience past events in the quest instead of passively learning about it.

The quest chain though is long, info is here at It’s not short at all, although parts can be soloed.

The story is actually interesting behind it, but like many games, it’s too brief per cutscene. They make good use of books though to fill the gaps.


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