Champions and action figures

From here at Massively, it seems that one of the microtransactions Champions Online will have are pet-like action figures.

What’s odd about this to me is that these to my knowledge are the first real humanoid pets I have seen in a game.  By pet I mean an existing, permanent A.I. companion that is not an actual character, but sort of an auxilliary in battle.  They are usually charmed, given to classes, or bought in cash shops.

A pet is subservient, and not in the way a sidekick NPC is-the pet doesn’t have an identity much or a personality, and we don’t give it the same weight as a character. Usually they aren’t inteligent beings, but animals.

I think that’s why this is so odd. Either you have human automata acting as pets, or little mini-humans, which are more sidekicks, but you “buy” them with real money.  Mabinogi in some of the korean generations has goblins and baby ratmen, too.  Buying sentenient creatures just screams against the rules for me, even as companions.


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