Back in Topic: TOR and story

While working, a thought occured to me: will TOR’s story actually be all that good?

KOTOR pretty much focused on one character and his plot revelation. All other npcs reacted to that, and also the light/dark side mechanic. However, Bioware is going to need to take the same instanced NPCs and settings, and somehow rework the overarching plot that connects them for 6 classes, some jedi, some not, some good and some evil.

That means you can’t make areas too specific if you intend multiple players to engage in them plot-wise. A bounty hunter will have much different plot motivation than a jedi, but both may have to go through the same instance due to cost control or reusing assets, or partying up.

That makes me wonder if bioware can really do a decent story in an MMO setting unless the game is not just instanced, but instanced often per character with interludes. At some point a sith is not going to be interacting with mos eisely the same way a bounty hunter would, even if partied. not without making story predictable or too similar to each job.

And each class should have different and unique goals. You can’t just have what happened in KOTOR, where jedi class had no real plot point to it, there is a strong difference in motivation and goals for a sith versus a mandalorian. But you’ll have to somehow tie the events together if you want them to party on a main quest line.

You are pulling a rashomon if you have a unified quest: essentially you have to retell the same tale 6 times for each class, because each class will view the main quest line differently. I’m wondering how welll bioware can do that.


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