Peaca dungeon

This was the reason why I decided to play my elf alt, mentioned in rant. Good Lord.

Peaca is about as raid-level as Mabinogi gets. Mabinogi dungeons are very much like the legend of zelda but with no puzzles-a connection of box-shaped rooms that hold enemies which you spawn and defeat. Peaca is raid-level.

The problem is that raid-level in mabinogi seems to be level 200. Imagine that, with say the level 80 cap in Wow. This is peaca dungeon.

There were roughly about 30+ people in each small room, battling about 5 mobs. These mobs would one-hit people if given any chance, and we are not talking weak players, but people who may have put a lot of work into their characters. They resist any combo attack, and take maybe one damage apiece.It takes about 30 minutes of trapping mobs in corners and juggling them with windmill while multiple archers perforate it over and over. If the mob kills one of the windmill blockers (they arent tanks, no aggro mechanics really. They spam windmill because its the only move that works) it will start to murder people.

It’s hard to show how insane it is in words.There’s no puzzle aspects to each room, and no strategy. It’s just brutal grinding down of mobs. I gave up after about the sixth room, out of sheer weariness.


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