Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been playing mabinogi pretty hardcore the past few days, and need to blow off steam.

I decided to play an alt, an elf. Elves in mabinogi are about as pure a ranged class as you can find. They have incredibly poor strength and can’t dual wield weapons, relying instead on double shots from their bow, and high intelligence and dexterity. Unfortunately its annoying as hell to play, for a few really glaring reasons.

Combat in mabinogi is weird. Defense is non-existent natively: you have to charge up a defensive move with various activation times to be able just to survive an enemy’s retalliation. It plays out like this for meelee: You pick a mob, and attack it first. If you can kill it with one attack string, go to the next. If you can’t, you have to charge up a defensive move and hope you timed it so it activates just before the enemy closes and attacks you, because you will not usually be able to survive an undefended attack. (you can be put into a “Deadly status” where you have negative hp but are alive, its a second chance)

The problem with ranged though is this: you don’t close at first, but attack at a distance. You have to activate ranged attack or a stronger version of it, which then charges up from 0-99% accuracy. You can fire at any time while it charges.

So lets say your first hit connnects. The monster is stunned, and runs towards you. However, this is where the killer comes in: if the mob is moving, your accuracy is capped at 80%.

This is INCREDIBLY stupid. This means if you attempt to fire again, there is a high chance you may miss entirely. This means the mob keeps rushing you.

Those defensive moves you have? They have a long enough charge time that you need to hit them after your first salvo, its very hard if not impossible to do so if you miss the second salvo.

Combine this with the mob able to kill you in one combo string, and you’ve made trying to use any ranged attack after the first a good risk of a wipe and experience loss when tackling a mob solo.

It gets a little worse. Mobs in mabinogi are multi-aggro: that is if two types are in a room, they can each aggro you separately. For meelee its an issue, but when you realize just to be able to hit a mob as an elf you need roughly 3-4 seconds of charging arrow accuracy to get decent hit rates, and you start to see problems.

The plus side of elves are that they can ignore some of the pain in the ass aspects of mobs like their auto-retalliation, but its a very hard class to play otherwise, to the point where they made the elves starting areas literally easy mode to compensate.  There’s also a ton of other minor negative quirks.

The most useful defensive move imo is called defend, for normal exp play. You defend one hit, decent activation time, and can retalliate after with a combo string. However ranged is useless with it, because you cant ready it fast enough to avoid the enemy getting out of block stun. So you are left with the two other moves, counterattack and windmill.

While both work, they still leave the monster in range to charge you. You can get 80% acc up and fire to respond, but you still may miss the hit and, well, die.

Ranged attack also auto-activates after a successful one, which messes up defensive timing too.

It’s hard to explain it without going into a lot of minutae, but its surprisingly hard to play. Even with BST in FFXI it wasn’t as drastic, in this you have to plan out a strategy of attack and be a weird mix of conservative and aggressive.


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