Neo Steam

I tried this game recently. It’s a free to play MMO with some steampunk influences that’s the first game Atlus Online has brought over, and it so far has met with a resounding meh.

The first problem was updating the thing, from reading the forum it seems a common bug is it getting stuck on the update client phase on some computers. The only solution is to keep trying. This happened to me, so it took about 7 or 8 tries to get into the game itself.

Character creation is meh. You have two nations you have to pick from first, but the classes and races seem virtually the same for both sides, and the basic models are too. There also is some weird sex selection-humans have only male characters, while taxn humans and elves are female. Yet the Pom race can be both male and female. I rolled an elf mystic, and entered the game.

The game looks HORRIBLE. My elf mystic has a hideous run animation, almost a self-parody of a girlish run. The game world itself is really colored poorly and clashing. It reminded me of a bad genesis game. When you talk to people you teleport directly in front of them, then return to your original position, which is disorienting. The UI is just too cluttered and busy, and needs simplification, as well as the quests and your weird pet-thing that follows you.

The music isn’t bad, and steampunk is nice, but it’s a bad sign for me to get so bored with the game so fast. I’ll probably reroll and try another character, but I’m not liking what I see at all, especially since Atlus as a company has a pretty good rep for not bringing out crap.


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