More thoughts on PvP

I’ve been playing Mabinogi pretty hardcore, and recently I revisited PvP. A guil member was complaining about being chased by a bunch of the opposing faction of giants, so we all went out to help him, if just to give moral support since  many of us were the same faction as his oppressors.

We didn’t actually see them, catching up to him after he forced a /logout by command line and changed channels. Tbh i wonder if he wasn’t making it up, a lot of the details seemed implausible. But he seems a honest person.

This made me think. For sure, this is one of those “emergent experiences” the boosters of sandbox games love to trumpter..a guildmate under attack and the rest of the guild coming to the rescue. But for him, it was not a pleasant experience at all: Mabi PvP is too often biased for those with ranged and with numbers, and I’ve been on the camped end.

So in one sense I enjoyed the story aspect of it, and if it had been possible for it to have become a battle between the opposing gangs, it would have been exciting. But it’s also unpleasant, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth when it comes to it as play-it’s very negative.

We really never think of it as such, usually cartoons have us trained to minimize the actual damage of a battle. The X-men fight Magneto and win, credits roll, and the world is saved, but I have yet to really see a comic think about what it means to fight other people with deadly weapons and powers. In PvP, in a sense, that’s what you do. You can’t be merciful, because if the guy isnt on the same wavelength he can camp you till you logquit. But realizing that makes it hard to enjoy the fight.


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