Pacifist Project Rules

1. Pacifist may not kill anyone, even in self-defense: when given the choice he will run, or be knocked unconscious.

2. Pacifist will not learn any combat skills, as they require defeating enemies to do so.

3.Pacifist may heal others, and revive others. However he cannot join a party even with that limited role-he may not directly be a part of killing or wounding others, although he can support people indirectly when in danger, or in non-combat situations.

This is a grey area, but the key I think is that Pacifist cannot actively aid in the killing of enemies; he can heal a wounded person, but the wounded person is responsible for his own conduct.

4. Pacifist isn’t judgmental. It’s a personal view not to cause harm. He realizes that violence may be inevtiable, and even warranted in dire situations, but he is incapable of it. He will, however, ask people to think about why they kill, and how much they do so, and is it necessary?

5. PvP he may heal and mend people involved in, as soul stream people (pc’s) do not die, and it becomes more of a sport. However elf/giant pvp he condemns on principle, as it is more akin to a war.

6. He cannot make or use weapons, armor or things which involve killing. Even leather straps, which are only obtained form killing goblins and kobolds, are a no-no.

I’ll add more as situations advance.


One Response to Pacifist Project Rules

  1. Dblade says:

    An addendum to 2 I think will be he can learn combat abilities so long as he never uses them. Unfortunately some magic abilities useful for healing require knowing all three elemental combat spells. So I’m going to have to learn combat ones i never use to enable him to heal effectively.

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