Everquest: escape to norrath difficulties

So I started to play the free demo of classic EQ  I mentioned earlier. First impression was good, it downloaded the station launcher and updated nicely, except for one problem: There was no “play” button.

A trip to the forums indicated that it had to be run in windows xp mode, so some tweaking to properties worked, finally got a play button. I logged in, tweaked some graphics settings, and rolled a Froglok rogue. Second problem: Lore difficulties.

The description of frogloks indicate they are a race willing to die for truth, justice and honor. Cool. Choice of deity? 1, innoruk, the prince of hate. So, whatever, I overlook it to roll him, and after picking a name after three attempts, he’s ready.

Third problem: my newbie tutorial zone doesn’t exist. It’s still loading after multiple tries, so I exit and quit. I’ll try later on, and hopefully give you all some gameplay impressions.


2 Responses to Everquest: escape to norrath difficulties

  1. Cheor says:

    I have a question, how did you get yours to work in XP mode? I’m having the same issue. I’m running a 32 bit Home Premium, and pretty much any website I looked on told me I’m screwed. I’d really like to be able to play the trial… any help would be appreciated.

  2. Dblade says:

    I wasn’t using windows 7 at the time but vista. If you go to the start menu, right click on the program and check properties though on seven, choose properties and compatibility it gives an option to try for windows xp service pack. Try that, maybe it will help?

    Unfortunately after that I couldn’t get it to run because my rig was so poor at the time.

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