Pacifist Project-first day

The pacifist project started off okay. I created my character, Pacifist as a name was free, and I created him quickly. He looks like this:


I got to level 7 fairly slowly, since he couldn’t speedkill monsters to level fast. However there was little incident. One duel request, which I ignored. The only problem is that one of the main quests require you to kill 5 brown foxes, so I may be stuck there permanently.

Pac has decided to be a world class chef, and my goal in game is to get him to rank 1. Mostly its an issue earning gold for it, as he is sitting on 11 ap, which is more than enough to rank it up to at least A, I hope.

Other than that, it was quiet, and a bit dull. I think I was the only one not actually wielding a weapon, and I managed to “cook” a 4 star strawberry milk, which was fun. Hoping to see how it progresses later on.


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