Why solo is good.

Solo is good because as much as you like to talk with people, you hate being forced to rely on them to progress. With friends it’s bearable, but with strangers it’s a torment. Everyone loves to talk about social interaction, but honestly, how much do you do even in real life? Do you ask strangers to help you paint your yard’s fence unless it’s a business transaction? Do you like it when the person on the bus next to you starts talking about Jesus?

Why is online any different? Even with coworkers, we spend a lot of time doing the same things but yet maintain a clear line between personal and professional.  Why do people think it would be any better online, where we “Work” doing raids or parties?

Yeah online has more distance, and it helps, but even then its bad. Mostly because MMO’s take time, and other people can extend that time needlessly. The tank goes afk for 30 minutes, eventually forcing a party’s shutdown.

I think this is going to be a lesson to learn for MMOs in general.

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