So in mabinogi i’ve been playing pvp. It seems i’ve been running into a lot of situations where i get pissed at the same people in it, people from the more powerful guilds in the game.

Like tonight, slayer and bigg were having some fighting. A slayer member was firing pretty impossibly fast, like he gets up almost instantly. A member of bigg didnt like that, and a pretty heated battle ensued. I got my licks in, mostly because the slayer member had shot me a few times before out of the blue, but i pulled back and watched.

So what happened was a second guild called humility, came in to back slayer up. And in that guild is someone i dislike very much, because he camped me several times in pvp.I move to go out of the way, cause its not my fight, and he shoots me. That made me see red, and the brawl spilled out into the streets. Pretty funny for such a cutesy game eh?

So i get camped again, and when i get camped, i get pissed, and I insult the people, and their guilds. I don’t like those kind of people at all. I didnt on alla, I didn’t in FFXI. So its official in my eyes, I am at war with them.

I left my guild, asashi, to shield them some from it. Not sure my conduct reflects poorly on them,, and the two guilds are pretty strong. I’m also not sure how the war will go-i’m strengthening myself, but i am still not strong enough to fight.

I know its immature, but i really see red over things like that. There is the understanding its a game in the head, but the heart boils over. I pretty much called them gimp cheaters who only know how to spam arrows and ice to their faces. It’s never so much that they win-its possible to win heavily and yet be honorable, but they use the cheapest methods and constantly camp.

It’s really odd for me to feel this way. I’ve never really made my dislike of things so openly before. In a way its liberating, and in a way its not good. I don’t usually have enemies, or try to-even with disliking people on alla i tried not to make it personal. But here i don’t know.


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