Why Dust will fail, in List form.

1. CCP has no experience with either consoles, or first person shooters.

2. CCP, in fact, has released all of one game, EVE, in which the action elements are minimal, and it’s detractors call “Space Excel.”

3. CCP is not releasing this game as stand alone, but instead is linking it to its one existing game. It is not only taking a risk on expanding its successful property, but it is also changing it’s existing one by having Dust affect the EVE world.

4. In EVE, metagaming and betrayal are expected, and to many generate the game’s fun points. In Dust, as in any console FPS, metagaming and betrayal are very much frowned on, with no 0.0 mechanic ever existing. FPS players do not see teamkilling or betrayal positively, even if metagame reasons make it palatable.

5. The culture of contempt. In FFXI, PC players and console gamers didn’t like each other much. To PC gamers, the reliance on console held FFXI back, and console players couldn’t use a lot of tools like extended macroes, draw distance, or parsers. Console players quickly became defensive and beleagured on forums.

I get the feeling that EVE players will make FFXI players look like pikers in this regard.

6. Console gamers don’t care about EVE. Seriously, ask them about it, most will not have heard about it or care about it. The console MMO market is small, period-FFXI at best managed maybe 200k of its 500k subs on console, and you don’t even hear console gamers ask for a port of WoW.

7. Sub model. Payment models for a MMOFPS won’t work on console compared to a traditional MMO. They work for games like FFXI and PSU because no real analogue to the full computer MMO exists, but games like HALO or Rainbow 6 are close enough to provide similar thrills for free. This ties in with #8.

8. Players in a FPS don’t care about MMO aspects. They care about the quality of the FPS experience. It’s hard to see CCP offering comparable quality in that regard versus much larger companies with experience in the genre.

I’ll make a part two as I see more reasons, but this was really a WTF moment, especially since it makes much more sense to make an EVE game in a neglected genre., the space dogfight sim.


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