Killing two wolf cubs.

It’s been awhile since I played pacifist, so one night when I was sick of the whole grind I loaded him up. I cheated a bit, because Niafar had some extra money and virtually nothing to spend it on-in Mabi most of player vended stuff is overpriced junk. So I sent Pacifist 20k. He bought a healer’s uniform, and a healing spell.

What happened though during that was I had no choice but to break the “no killing” rule. My current part-time job was to milk a cow. The cow though was right next to a couple of wolf cubs.

At first I tried to heal it. In mabi you can heal friendly animal NPCs, and they can fight, so the cow was fighting it off. The problem was the cow’s AI is cowardly, and it just ran before even killing one of them. So it’s either leave the cow to die and not finish the job, or step in. So I stepped in, and fought both off barehanded.

It’s interesting how meaningful it was when you have to choose combat only as a last resort. It felt different, and made me wonder why we only have the choice to kill or die.  I didn’t kill anything else. A tense situation involved me running from an aggroing bear, which was realistic-who would try and fight a bear even with a sword in real life?

So I killed two wolf cubs, and I did regret it. You can’t really stand by and allow suffering over principle-it may be very well in the abstract the harm to the cubs I cause offsets the benefit to the cow, but it’s not a human response to think of harm in that cold-blooded way. It may even be futile-eventually the cow might be meat for someone. But you have to view things as a human being as well as a philosopher (not that I am, but I mean as someone who has a philosophy.)

I do know this, that it was only done in need, in character. In the game, it would have been easy to cancel the job and let the cow die. It’s not like I lose anything by doing so. But chooing to be non-violent in character means to view it for more than the mechanical sense.

Anyways, interesting stuff. I’ll post another pic of Pacifist in his healer duds soon.


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