Mabinogi issues

I’ve started to see my playtime in Mabinogi start to slow down and become less fun. I think it has to do with a few reasons:

PvP: I’ve been playing it, mostly the elf/giant war. It’s toggling on open-world PvP between elf and giant factions. It was fun at first, but there are some tremendous downsides:

-too easy to get camped: Camped means getting killed every time you “respawn.” You get up with a sliver of health, and its very easy for ranged magic and arrows to kill you in a second.

-too easy to be ganged up on. My record was 5 on 1, the one being me. Someone rescued me, by sending a duel invite-accepting it cuts you out of pvp, and lets you turn it off. But it can be insane-15 minutes of 4 people shooting you the second you get up, or hitting you with ranged attacks that stun lock you.

-Ranged is busted. Ranged actually is stronger at point blank range, because you can stunlock players, and it has a huge range;combine it with an elfs near 2x movement speed over a player and its impossible to escape.


-Combat is either dull, or cheap. Dull in that you beat up braindead mobs with a few basic AI reactions, or cheap in that the mobs eliminate entire moves in your arsenal. Heavy stander enables mob to take a combo string and retaliate at the end, which forces you to use smash, ranged or windmill. Advanced HS makes EVERYTHING but windmill useless. Intuition means mobs react to your attack instantly-Gorgon mobs will always break your smash with normal attacks, even if you don’t aggro then.

-Crafting is a huge grind. It gets exponential. 5 woll to make a thread, 5 thread to make a fabric. 25 actions for one piece, and you may need to make 20 of the high restult fabrics to fulfill a level.

-Rebirth sucks. AP earnings slow down dramatically at 35 or so, with levels taking me a few days of play to get. Mostly because of boredom with above mobs.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll play.


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