Sorry, it’s been a bit.

I haven’t updated the blog in awhile. Life has been a little busy.

I’ve been playing Mabinogi, and I also tried Fiesta. Fiesta is about as average a WoW clone as you can get for a Korean F2P game. It has nice touches, like announcing via tickertape when someone reaches a milestone level, and also giving you a free item when you reach level 7. But its really not compelling enough to play except as a change of pace for me. It seems popular as hell though, the areas are crowded with players.

On the anime front, I’ve been getting back into Dual Paralell Trouble adventures. Imagine a fusion of Tenchi Muyo with Evangelion, with none of the angst from the latter. It’s nice comfort anime.

IRL I just started college for my degree in computer science. Part time only as for now, and no comp classes yet. I’m enjoying it. I think people really take college for granted, it’s a wonderful experience to learn.


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