Nagle, Mabi, and me.

Well, I found out a secret to a mystery of PvP in Mabinogi. It was during an after PvP bull session in the streets of Dunbarton.

Here’s the setup. For a while I have been wondering how on earth ranged players in particular could somehow get up and shoot instantly when it takes me 3 to 4 seconds to do so. Not just me, but others as well, to the point where it was impossible to avoid a ranger because they could shoot and aim fast. Well it looks like they are disabling this:

I’m still a neophyte, but it appears that this algorithim makes it easier on networks by combining many small information packets into a batch of them. However in a real-time system which Mabinogi’s combat is, it adds latency. So what the hardcore players do is turn it off and it lets them aim a lot faster.

The problem is that as it is, high ranked range is near impossible to beat. The only thing that can work is magic, and ranged has a long distance advantage over it. If you can cut down the distance by breaking line of sight, it’s possible with a normal ranged player to win, but with rank 1 range and nagle disabled, it’s next to impossible.

It’s somewhat of a cheat, but its not something that can be remedied.


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