Final Hit

Tonight I accomplished one of my goals. In Mabinogi there is a quested skill called Final Hit. What it does is for a short duration, you can teleport directly to an enemy and unleash a chain of combo attacks without retalliation for a good duration. It’s powerful in limited situations, mostly on dungeon Bosses.

To get it you need to sketch a couple of statues (easy, can even buy them,) clear Karu forest dungeon (fairly easy) and clear Maiz Prarie Dungeon (not easy at all, party recommended.)

I managed to do it completely solo, just me and my pets. It isn’t that hard, mostly a lot of deaths due to multi-aggro, and losing experience and weapons, but it’s hard enough that few people do it, and I did. I have no transformation and not all that much stats though, and it was very satisfying to clear it without needing a single person. The first rooms were surprising, my crits on smash one-hit a lot of the enemies, and even as I delved deeper and started losing weapons after death my pony Seylen and I teamed up and took down room after room. Some were grindingly slow, but we won, and I can claim forever now that I soloed Maiz FH.

It feels great, and even greater is the knowledge I can still get a lot stronger.


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