Man, bad night. Got my ass kicked in pvp bad to the point its disheartening. Argued with a bunch of people because of it. Got really pissed, because being a smash/crit meeleer in pvp is impossible-range and magic constantly own in it.

I mean wtf? If they are going to make pvp devolve into who has the highest rank ranged attack, why not just restrict elf/giant to people with rank 1 ranged? Its so imbalanced its not funny. I have to rank up my charge to cap and have 300 hp to survive charging a ranged attack, but my level 10 pacifist could easily camp Niafar herself using ice.

What is annoying too is that no one wants to have fun, its all “lets gather together in a firing squad of range/meelee and spam” PvP can be really fun when people hang out, but its so rare it makes me sad, and they are rarely honorable. Everyone gets mad in it after awhile because they get camped and have to /logout or hope they can be rescued.

The sad thing is that once you have done your quests, thats all there is. Mabi has no endgame, and the missions are kind of worthless, you just get a transformed form which isnt too useful beyond your normal for most things. PvP is all thats left.

I don’t know, I think i am losing faith.  In Mabinogi I actually don’t want to join a guild, because my experiences with their members in pvp are so negative. I help on occasion, but there are no players I really like or admire enough to join a guild. I’ll probably stop pvp some to level defense and charge, which is ridiculous, because both dont really work with soloing well.


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