Why the hell can’t MMOs be like this?

Seriously, why does every MMO have to be either lameass pc-style graphics with big doofus rejects from bad frazetta prints or korean manwha?

Why can’t MMO’s reach out and have style? Why don’t they make better use of color, or music, or make combat little more than badly animated stick figures. Why can’t I look at my character in motion and see shades of Mugen, or Jinn, and see personality in the way they move, or hold a blade?

Why cant I even choose a stance or a personality for my own character? Even the games with strong character creation make your characters look like doofuses (cough *Champions Online* cough) Why can’t  not only walk, or run, but swagger?

I want you to  imagine. One day in the future, a new MMO will come out. You will get to the character creator, and you will be able to make a character bursting with vivid colors that work. You’ll be able to choose the weapon you want, and even the personality. And when you are done, you will see your character exactly in a video like this, acting, fighting, posing in ways that bring out the personality you want in them. Then the game will start, and you can learn to make your character move exactly like that.


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