Mabinogi roundup.

There’s not too much going on at the moment. The cookie wand event is going on, which lets you turn enemies into cookies either to eat or display as statues. It’s kind of meh because the Mimic pets already do the latter, and it seems more like a free trial for them than a standalone event.

Also, there’s a treasure hunt event going on. In the lands of iria, there are chests hidden which let you unearth them with a hot and cold game to get the contents. Usually these contain just gold or enchant scrolls, but now its a bunch of weapons and robes, and everyone is out trying to get as much loot as they can. It’s nice, but it also makes exploration tougher if you do it to raise your rank.

Niafar is slowly getting stronger. She has her own identity now, as a smash meeleer. Her main focus is to use devastating smash attacks combined with a high crit rate to inflict some serious damage on enemies. She’s pretty weak in other ways, especially PvP, but I’ve had quite a few jaws drop when I one-hit skeleton ghosts in Maiz with a critical smash. She broke 1k damage for the first time recently, with my main mace finaly upgraded.

I also got very lucky, I found a claymore in bazaar with a great enchant, and am going to prof it up as a replacement for my mace. I’ve been levelling counter over defense, so I don’t think she’ll suffer much overall.


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