Think I’m done with Mabi.

It didn’t take too long, but I think my time in Mabinogi is over.

Part of it is that I finally am able to upgrade my rig to a newer model. I use a very POS vista machine which can barely run F2P games. I’ll be upgrading to a nicer gaming laptop (for school mostly, I know desktops are better value.)

But mostly, it’s because there is nothing to do. It has all the basics, but they are too shallow and unbalanced to really hold attention. All I have been doing as of late is getting into massive PvP feuds with people. I’ll do a more detailed “review,” but I don’t think I’ll be spending any more money on it.


One Response to Think I’m done with Mabi.

  1. Solence says:

    You should come back sometime, lots of new things have been added since then and more things are still to come.

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