Anime and MMOs #1-Lucky Star

This is kicking off a series looking at MMOs in Japanese Anime.

Lucky Star was originally a manga based on 4-panel strip comics, which got adapted into a fairly cult anime. If you have seen Azumanga Daioh it is very similar in style, focusing on the slice of life antics of a group of female high schoolers.

Lucky Star is much geekier though, and its main character, Konata, plays MMOs pretty religiously. Here’s a clip of her playing it during summer break while getting heckled by her teacher, who also plays, as well as her soloing and getting  a lucky drop. What’s hilarious to me about this clip is that Japanese players in FFXI talk exactly like Gatongo: “w” is shorthand for warai, which used like LOL.

Konata tries to describe her MMO playing to her friend here, and actually meets with her friends in-game here. Not sure which game this is based on, I’m guessing Ragnarok Online fused with some others. Unfortunately I haven’t played it to know.


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