Anime and MMOs #2- Welcome to the N.H.K

Welcome to the N.H.K is an novel that was adapted into both a manga and anime series. It’s unusual in that it’s main character is a Hikkikomori-a person who shuts himself away from the world due to his inability to deal with it, and drops out of society. It’s a story about how people deal with things like that, and how very flawed and broken people go through life.

What’s interesting in terms of this series of posts is that it has a segment on an MMO which is a dead ringer of Final Fantasy XI. A compilation of references to it is here.

Sato, the main character, actually enters the game in hopes of making money off of RMT, but soon gets addicted and plays hardcore. The first part of the clip where he gets owned by a werewolf thing is a dead ringer for orcs and other beastmen owning people early on in FFXI. Sato’s job is a red mage, and the armor he has on in the party sequence is a pretty good copy. The catgirl is a dead ringer for one of the mithra hairstyles in the game.

It’s rare that they give such a good chunk of the series to it, and really capture a specific game faithfully. Sato even uses spells red mages can, like fire, enaero, and enthunder. His party has Galka and Taru, and RMT really did go after boss mobs (though not specifically dragons due to their repop time.)


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