Earth Eternal

So Earth Eternal has hit open beta, and Massively gave us a heads up on it. It’s a browser-based F2P MMO with anthropomorphic character designs. It’s kind of meh- a commenter on Massively called it souless, and that’s a good description of it. On the other hand, I think of it as one of those games you play when you are bored, but really isn’t all that good: like Tetrisphere.

Brief runup, you can pick your character from quite a few races, and while you have limited facial and body selection, you have quite a bit of color options, which is nice. I picked an white bounder (rabbit) with red ears. A very quick tutorial has you fixing a boat to escape to the mainland, which is kind of lame since they don’t really do anything but point you to a couple of quest givers and then you leave. No real story.

You land in Corsica, and its fetch and kill quests with a final instanced boss battle. Its very generic stuff, although drops and loot aren’t bad. You’d never know though this was designed by a studio known for its text MUDs, its very lacking in any real story so far.

I’ll add more as I play, I’m about to leave Corsica for a new city.


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