More Earth Eternal

I’m sad to say, my opinions on it haven’t changed much. I’m at level 9 now, and so far the game works like this:

-go to hub town

-accept quest from NPC

-do quest, 9 times out of ten its either go here and collect these or go here and kill these, often both.

-go back to NPC.

-get new quest from often SAME NPC, sometimes different NPC all of ten feet away.

-repeat above steps till all quests are exhausted except final one.

-final quest is to go to new hub town.

That’s it. No missions, no real need to party (only one quest was recommended for two people, and I soloed it) no lore, not even incidental NPCs that can talk. I have yet to see any crafting system although I see a ton of junk drops.

I’m asking on the official forum to try and see if the game picks up any, because in spite of this I kind of like it, and I hope to give you all more info soon.


2 Responses to More Earth Eternal

  1. Tesh says:

    It sounds like “more of the same, but furry”. Not necessarily a bad thing, but nothing that I’m going to drop my life for to play. I wish ’em well, but I’ve gotta say… I’m looking for something different. It *is* good to hear you’re having fun with it, though.

  2. Dblade says:

    Well, it’s fun in the sense playing Learn to Fly is on Kongregate, a simple game that’s fun but really isn’t that hot of an experience. Its worse than more of the same, actually, at least WoW and other games try and have some lore, but I’ve seen worse.

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