Ugh, ran online.

Wow, this is crap. Let us count the ways.

1. No full screen option. None that I can see. Of course that matters less because:

2. Crap graphics. Imagine a top-down nintendo DS roleplayer with higher resolution. In the starting area I saw all of three kinds of enemies.

3. Poor, poor, english translation. Bad enough to make understanding quests a chore.

All this and I saw all of two other people in the starting area, briefly. Also Two people used the shout channel. This from a game that just launched-it’s not in open beta.

F2P games are starting to worry me. I have had all of one good experience with them, with Mabinogi. I have had one meh experience, with Earth Eternal. I have had two poor experiences, one with NeoSteam, and one with Fiesta. And there were about 5 of them I couldn’t get to run, either due to installation errors (persona online) or gameguard (luna online.) It’s looking like an awful lot are just shoddy cash run games.

One Response to Ugh, ran online.

  1. Tesh says:

    Try Puzzle Pirates on a green ocean (microtransaction server). It’s not your typical DIKU fare, but it’s a great game that just happens to use a microtransaction dual currency model.

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