EVE online-random thoughts.

I’ve just started, and have barely scratched the tutorial missions. Some thoughts:

-Game looks really nice for what it is.

-Game also needs to explain things a little bit more, and provide some “newbie clues.” It would be nice to have an alert that you have to accept or not if you leave a station with no ammo for your main gun, for one. The ammo loading is weird, you can’t loadout in a station, but have to in space.

The ability to set a “home” marker on the map would be nice, I did a courier mission of a few jumps, but then…forgot what system Deepari II was located in. The map is okay, I found my way back, but it’s still pretty confusing.

I also lost my first ship, woot. 3rd combat mission is one where you have to fight webbers and drones, but all I did was miss miss miss, and i only found out later you can warp out of system to flee. So I lost my first combat craft, and went to mining. Then general business, which I seem to like the best.

-Help channel has some nice people. I didn’t need to ask much, but there were plenty of patient vets explaining the game to others, and it seems from the questions there is a lot to learn. Being able to link to the wiki via chat is an excellent resource.

-combat and manuevering, ugh. Maybe it was getting my ship shot out from under me at start, but it’s really an ugly form of auto attack.

-verdict? Mixed. I bought the retail copy (yay gamestop trade ins) so I have 60 days. I’ll keep playing. So far I kind of like the courier runs the best, so maybe I can go from there.


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