More on EVE

I got a little further into the game, but not by much. I finished the Business newbie missions, got a Sigil-class industry ship, and logged last night. Today I got to use it, and I sold it.

Mostly it was because that I only had one turret hardpoint, and I couldn’t use both an energy turret and a mining laser. The thing had major cargo space, heavy armor, and moved like a slug, so I’m figuring it was designed to just haul goods. Unfortunately since the good belts in 0.7-0.5 seem to have NPC rats, just slapping on a mining laser and having to run every few seconds was getting old. So I went back to my tormentor frigate, which has very little cargo space but can equip both types of lasers, and did a little mining. I got some NPC pirates, and a few modules dropped which I sold.

To be honest I’m not too sure what exactly to do in the game. It’s not like I’m going to head out to high sec on day 2 of my sandbox adventure, and while people are good at answering questions, you don’t really deal much with them in game at start.  The skill book alone for mining costs 450k ISK, with smaller ones in the millions, so it’s a bit of a slog that way. I’ll keep trying though.

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