The writing grind.

So far im up to 6700 words. I had only a few words down yesterday, so I’m running behind a bit.

My novel is a fantasy one called the Voice of Aesina. It’s about two people, a high school student named Michael Stray from our world, who dreams of a girl named Aelsina in an other one. The two soon meet, with Michael becoming a powerful Divine Beast devoted to Aelsina’s protection. She has a fearsome destiny to face, and a powerful foe who knows what she is, and ist deathly afraid of what she can do.

It’s not always easy. I’m very much writing this by the seat of my pants, inventing things as I write or as they come to me. If you also do it, my advice is not to worry about quality. Just get the words on paper, no matter how silly they may sound or be, and remember you can always edit them in december. Also, nothing beats a good walk before you write to get the ideas flowing, at least for me.

It is a lot of fun though, especially if you are a frustrated writer like me. It gives the push you need in the form of a deadline, and it also gives you a forum of support to meet other writers who suffer the same way you do. Thanks again to Syp for mentioning this in his blog.

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