Yet another WoW pet post.

Mostly because I want to lionize Jon Wood for saying in his column 3 days ago:

“I swear, the way people react to these things you’d think that item stores were Godzilla and Western players were the poor residents of Tokyo just trying to get away from the damned thing, wrecking everything they know and eating everyone they love.”

You can theorize as much as you like about the future impact this may have on MMO gaming-Green Armadillo calls it the third Trammel for one. But you have to admit, the present implementation of this with two vanity pets that do nothing but follow you around is far from even the actual cash shops run by SOE, which impact gameplay.

I’m no stranger to hysteria myself. A particularly embarassing episode for me was overreacting about the cost of the FFXI authenticator. It was similar to Blizzards dongle, which lets you add security. What had happened before was that SE had released a rather cheap-looking necklace which an in-game item for around 50 dollars, and at the time I was seriously worried the authenticator would have been the same deal, especially since it shipped with a mog satchel ten times more useful. I was proven wrong, thankfully.

However we really need to have some distance. It’s hard because with our favorite MMO’s we put so much of ourselves into it that any change is automatically suspect. But overreaction isn’t healthy for any game, and maybe the answer is not to sweat the big changes so much and trust the people who actually make the game more. Whether or not an MMO has a pet microtransaction or not is ultimately a minor issue for the players. We just have to stop playing a game. But its the livelihood for developers. If their MT idea is poorly received, they may be out of jobs. So with that, I would at least hope that they think long and hard over each change they make as it affects them more than us.

Plus, it’s not good for the blood pressure.


2 Responses to Yet another WoW pet post.

  1. Tesh says:

    Yeah, I’ve weighed in on this as well. There’s way too much fussing about how OTHER PEOPLE play the game. If you don’t like the pets, don’t get them. If you don’t like the business model, quit.

    If you’re not having fun in a game, and are holding on hoping that the company changes to suit your needs (hint: they don’t care about you, just the money you send in each month), why in the world are you still paying for the privilege of playing?

  2. Dblade says:

    It’s not just that. It’s now about the “future of MMOs.” People are gettng pissed over what might happen as much as what has.

    I do think it’s one thing if there are substantial changes, like the SOE microtrans, but the argument is about what this might mean for the future, and no one can really predict that.

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