Space, a ship, and the character sheet.

It’s been eight days since I bought EVE, and it’s starting to suck me in. It’s not because of the PvP battles in nullsec, because it’s only been eight days and I’m not even thinking of getting shout out of the dinky little frigate or destroyer I can pilot. It’s not because of the community, because I have had very little interaction with them. No parties, no need for help on missions, just me, my Punisher, and space. It’s not even due to the PvE: in eight days I have already repeated missions, and so far every single combat one has been these things:

  • Warp to Acceleration Gate.
  • Hit Gate, get into a combat area.
  • Slowly get into 18 km range or so of one or more enemies.
  • Try and keep at 18 km range while my masers cycle and I read a book
  • Kill all, then take 30 minutes salvaging because the wrecks are spread across hundreds of km.

What does hook me I think, is that EVE reminds me of the old pen and paper RPGS I used to play in High School. Not D&D, but games like Car Wars, Battletech, or Champions. The draw for me there was building things, be it a armed electric car, a superhero, or a giant light recon mech. EVE reminds me of those days when I would take pen to paper and fool around with the rules for fun. In EVE the thing you build is your spaceship.

Of course, by building I don’t mean actual building from the in-game blueprints or researching them; that doesn’t appeal to me at all. But fitting the ship and learning skills is fun, because its relatively easy to outfit a basic frigate and train skills to experience things. The test for me is if it will still be fun when I hit the “don’t fly what you can afford to lose” wall and have to also wait days for skills to train.

By then though I hope to be in a corporation. I’m not sure if I will wait till I can train to use a cruiser or just train the heck out of frigate skills.


2 Responses to Space, a ship, and the character sheet.

  1. Karl says:

    Wow didn’t see this post as well.

    Yeah level 1 missions are boring. Important though that you train Afterburners and equip one. Your basic punisher setup is 3 lasers (I prefer pulse) afterburner, webifier, small armor repairer, damage control and a Salvager 1 if you can equip it.

    You want to train up Salvaging ASAP. The salvage of the wrecks is worth much more than the loot. You can get Armor Plates off of small mobs even and they sell for 100K or more. I made my first 10 million salvaging small wrecks.

  2. Dblade says:

    Yeah after I heard about salvaging from rookie help I trained it, and I don’t regret it at all. I’m already sitting on 9 mill ISK from missions alone.

    I tried pulse, but I don’t really like them since their max range puts you into the max range of rat guns on the tougher missions. Current set-up is 2 medium afocal masers, a salvager, some power rechargers, and a couple of 100mm armor plates. Power issues prevent me from a third, but they have an 18km max range, which helps against some of the tougher npcs.

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