My first real corporation.

I joined one over the weekend. I had been lurking in recruitment for some time, and one of the guys impressed me. I joined, and I’m now in a small 10-man mission and mining corp. It’s pretty good. The leader seems very knowledgable and all the corp members are good. It’s refreshing to be part of a mature group of gamers in an MMO, gamers that can work together and act professionally and in an organized manner.

The irony though is that even though the corporation and players are excellent, the gameplay itself is boring as hell. We did several missions, most of which involved the most durable ship warping in, aggroing all of the npc rats,and tanking them while the rest of us fought them with them only aggroing us if new ones spawned and we were in range. Even then it boiled down to orbit and shoot.

We did mining, which I did the hauler duty along with another corp. It’s just unload a can, run back to base, dump materials into corp hangar, and repeat. The miners didn’t have much better, it was mine, dump into a container, eject a new one if it disappeared, and rarely shoot a weak npc rat. I know it was high-sec, but the gameplay actions themselves were really not that immersive. Even though it was cool to finally see a multiple player ship battle in PvE, it was mostly boredom.

It’s ironic, that such a great community is wedded to a pretty basic game.

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