So I got bored one day, outfitted a cheap frigate, and decided to see what 0.0 space was about. To be honest it wasn’t really that different from normal space, except for the guywith the force recon ship camping the gate. It honestly wasn’t that bad. I managed to get away twice, and tried to sneak up on him, but didn’t get away fast enough. Unfortunately range and drones beats speed it seems. He killed me and podded me.

That pretty much was it. No heart-pounding anger, no real gameplay addition. I  felt angrier playing Mabinogi PvP, and had more of a rush. I think it was in part the expectation that people should be fair in Mabi, whereas in EVE I tend to not really expect that. Plus, I purposely didn’t invest much. I lost maybe a 300k fitted ship, and the guy who killed me probably got all of 50k from my wreck. I was more annoyed that I couldn’t get in deeper to be killed. Two systems into 0.0 was all I could get.

It was nice to know that you can get away from a lone, stronger ship even as a frig. I’m training my frigate skills now, because I have my eye on an inteceptor mostly to tool around in, and it opens the door to the tech 2 frigs. I have a couple of cruisers, an Amarr done boat, and an Omen. I also have a bestower, and a coercer for salvage. My corp has been cool to hang out with, no complaints there. I wish all game populations where that mature.

Its somewhat dull though. As a cruiser I really don’t feel like I can contribute much to a battle. My corp mates go into a level 4 mission, one of them tanks all the mobs, and the rest just shoot. The mobs are tough enough to make a few of us newbies superfluous, and while we can team up to take some of the ships down together, it’s very underwhelming.

I know I gripe a lot, but I really want to like this game. I think EVE does a lot well, and it has a very zen-like quality to it. I like the players, and I like training and learning about ships. Its kind of a game though where it’s not all that engaging for the newbie.


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