It’s not that bad.

So, I picked up Champions Online.

Yes, that Champions Online. The one constantly subject to nerd rage and dire predictions of impending doom. I had some worries from listening to all of that, and following comments on blogs. However I really wanted to play a superhero game, so I ponied the $29.99 down, got one, and with some nervousness, logged on.

It’s not that bad. If anything, it’s actually pretty good.

Install was easy, patch was very easy-took maybe 2 or 3 hours, compared to how long has taken me for other games. It looks great on my laptop, and while the gameplay is pretty mindless, it is fun mindless. Character creator is great, and I spent a good amount of time before making a munitions character named Gun Bunny.

Teh Gun Bunneh.

My first CO character

Population is not bad per instance. There was a lot of griping about it, but the areas themselves are small enough where you simply cannot have 200+ people in an area. They aren’t small vertically-if anything they expand very high and when you get your travel powers, what is fun is seeing how high you can go. The horizontal footprint isn’t that large though, and they wouldn’t be able to put enough mobs to support that amount of people.

Cash shop is fine. Nothing in it seems to even affect play, and there are no ads or instances where I felt I really needed to drop some cash to progress. The only negatives I have had were with the targeting system. It is hard to tab multiple targets, or at least felt it for me. Also, it was too easy to switch off auto attacking. People have mentioned it was designed for a gamepad, and I’m tempted to try one for it. They could also explain builds and leveling better, but this game is an altoholics dream imo, so if you aren’t the experimenting type hit up an online FAQ or something.

I think it’s becoming important to take reviews or diatribes against a game lightly. An MMO even if you only play for a couple of months is a great value, compared to other games. However too many fans or ex-fans have their own issues with a game, and communicate it so often that it risks being taken out of proportion. I know that if I had listened to them, I’d have missed out on a fun game.


2 Responses to It’s not that bad.

  1. I’m still happy that I had enough fun with it that I signed up for a life time subscription. Check out Champedia on their website. There’s 74 other Gun Bunnys out there.

    If you do a search in quotations, it will only show heroes with both words in it ( “gun bunny” ).

    Have fun!

  2. Dblade says:

    yeah I know, It’s pretty hilarious. I shelved her and tried a supernatural-based character, but I guess a lot of us nerds think alike.

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