EVE pvp part two.

So I log on today, and get greeted by a new window with milita chat in it. Apparently I am now part of the Caldari Milita. So, my first instinct is to ask what it is about. I try on the rookie help channel, but it gets lost in the scrum of questions. After about three abortive attempts to find out what exactly the milita was in the milita tab, I get told where to go, and suit up a frigate.

Luckily, my Corp leader was doing it, so he fleeted us up, organized us, and we spent the next 40 minutes scouring asteroid belts for WT’s, which are war targets-opposing players. No dice, and as the time went on, we lost fleet player after player. My corp leader left, and soon it was 4, then 3, then 2 of us at a gate in Tama space.

We managed to score a kill. Unfortunately it seems to have been a blinking red member of our own militia. There was talk of spies in the chat, but now idea if this guy was one. So, as time went on, there was just me and someone else. A tech two assault ship had been flirting with us, staying out of reach. He then warped to ten km, I opened fire, he drove off my buddy and podded me. End of story. The ship loss was fast, as soon as I got in range of his guns, it cored me in seconds, too fast to even do anything.

I can’t say how meh the experience felt. There was no real meat to it-there was no personal aspect to fighting, it was over too quick, and not really any plus. I didn’t even feel mad, it was more a “wtf how do they expect newbies to do this?” Seriously, they give you a letter of intro to join a militia from day one in the boxed copy. Why would they even think a newbie would see an upside to it?

The point of losing should be to encourage you to try again. But considering that being podded can actually set you back days in skill learning because it kills your implants (which are more expensive to replace than a cruiser, and a full set could easily be more than a battlecruiser) and that you have nothing to even show for the experience but a vague sense of “why do people like this?” makes me wonder what CCP expects of you. The experience is just too brief and over too fast to really generate a desire to continue.

I mean seriously, it’s not like there were any mistakes I made that caused me to lose. Well, only one: not listening to my gut and heading home when it was just two people. It’s not like I felt that I could have managed the encounter, or I lost because it was a close fight and he was skilled. Stuff like that will keep you going. But when the prudent course is not to engage in pvp at a specific time in the first place, it doesn’t inspire you to try again.

The loss of your ship/implants doesn’t help either. Your gut tells you to go back out there in your cruiser and make him pay. Your brain says “You just lost a cheap ship, and you aren’t getting anything to go back out and risk losing a more expensive one in a gate camp.” The whole “don’t fly what you can afford to lose” acts as a discouragement to play, because of having to need to weigh participation.

At this point I’m not sure I’m going to convert it to a sub when the 60 days run out. I think I may try some piracy after talking to my corp members just to try another aspect of the game, but I never have played an MMO that seems to discourage you from playing it so much, whether its pvp, or the amount of time it takes to train skills.


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