The 11% solution

Looks like one of the Dominion expansion’s updates is imposing an 11% tax on all players in NPC corps. NPC corps are the game’s default corporations: as a noob you start in one, and when you leave a corp you wind up back in one. It’s controversial: Im having fun reading a 15 page thread on the subject at the official forums.

There are two schools of thought:

1. Bad idea. It doesn’t accomplish any of the goals stated: it doesn’t apply to NPC miners and traders, and it won’t force people out into player corps, except for one-man dummy tax evasion ones. It also sucks because it shows CCP’s desire is to reduce the freedom of the sandbox and shape it into “Everybody into 0.0 space.” Plus, I also love my NPC corp peeps, and I’m a casual player who wont fit well into player corps.

2. Good Idea: 11% is fine for being free from wardecs, and carebears shouldn’t live in empire space. The point of EVE is 0.0 and pvp, as well as the interactions a player corp brings. It really isn’t even that harsh of a penalty to mission runners, since their proits are also from salvage.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m not really keen on the game, but something like this doesn’t bother me. I agree with Good Idea in that 11% even to someone like me isn’t that bad. I don’t think CCP will see much success if this is designed as a tool to get people out into player corps, not because of 1 man corps, but because 11% isn’t that bad to deal with. I lost roughly 3 ships doing militia in a few days-11% is nothing compared to that.

I do see that CCP wants players out in 0.0. I don’t have much to say on that, because my lowsec experiences have really not been positive. I think players will do it on their own, and those that stay in empire stay because they like EVE but hate the wilder corners of it.  My current corp I’m afraid I will leave because there just isn’t enough people. I’m rolling an alt because my main character is done exploring, and I have a better idea of what I want to train for. Be interesting to see how it affects the world.


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