What I’m playing, Dec 2009.

Currently I’m focusing on EVE online and Champions Online.

In EVE I am leveling my new main. My first character was a learning character, as I explored the mechanics and decided what I wanted to do. However that left him unfocused, so I rerolled, and am happily mission running and learning salvaging. Although technically it isn’t leveling, it’s waiting for skills to train.

I’m on the first “Epic” arc, which is about as epic as a sandwich. I have done tougher level one missions. But it’s good money. Plans will be to train a bit, and maybe then head to militia and shoot things for fun once in awhile.

In Champions Online I went alt crazy, and joined a pretty large supergroup. There have been many cool things happening, like watching a PvP duel in the skies above me as guildmates went at it, or seeing Club Caprice get overwhelmed by fishmen. I have a few friends there, mostly Euro.


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