Don’t Overlook the Negatives

This needs to be said. We need to stop idealizing past experiences in MMOs and be honest about both positive and negative experiences in them, be it in grouping, leveling, type of play, otherwise we are not going to find any answers or move the genre forwards.

Grouping is awesome-when it works. The current style of grouping simply does not work for most people. You can rant about solo heroes as much as you like, but you need to identify why people choose to go solo and why it drives gameplay choice and design. It’s not enough to say sandboxes are the way to go, but you have to be honest and also ask that if they are the answer, why do fewer people choose them over themeparks?

We aren’t going to get anywheres rehashing the same ideas, but we need serious, critical and pragamatic solutions to common problems that seem to pop up in game after game. That’s not going to happen if we ignore the negatives.


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