Problems with grouping-brainstorming.

  1. It takes time to set up the group. In worst cases, it may take multiple hours, or may not be possible.
  2. It is too reliant on key classes and the same old roles-Tank, DPS, Healer, Crowd Control/Buffer.
  3. The key classes tend to be undersubscribed, because often the most vital classes are boring or unappealing to most players. Healing especially.
  4. It takes 6 people to succeed in a group. It only takes one to fail.
  5. Because of point #4, play becomes very standardized. Efficiency is valued more than exploration, creativity, or challenge.
  6. The forced reliance of grouping tends to perpetuate negativity among players. This is because of the variance in player dedication and skill, and the potential for loss or boring play.
  7. As a game ages, less new players amplify all 6 of the points above.
  8. Class imbalances hit grouping hard. Unpopular classes get shunned, even if the class itself has potential to contribute well to the group setup if played intelligently or creatively.
  9. Grouping can also enhance friction between players as efficient groups drive out less efficient ones for camp spots.
  10. Players themselves differ enough to give friction between types. A 25 year old woman grouping with 14 year old boys.
  11. Fast pace of forced groups may require voice chat, which may isolate players from communicating in-world as opposed to on vent or ts. Players not enjoying voice chat may feel marginalized.

That’s some I can think of. I’ll try and brainstorm solutions in the next post.


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