Champions Online-30 days.

Its been roughly 30 days or so of play, and like my last post on EVE, I wanted to revisit it.

Playing it more seriously, I can see the gripes people have with it. Paid retcons were bad because the focus is on defensive powers due to solo play. It’s very easy to make offensive characters that cannot solo mobs well, and you need defensive or healing powers to have a chance.

The play is an odd mixture of soloing and grinding. Around level 20 the experience to next level ramps up enough to make levels a multi-day thing if you are not hardcore, and grinding enemies is useless due to low exp per mob. So it’s constant quests. The problem is that the quest areas are littered with trash mobs, and aggro will send you back very easily to a home point. Nothing is lost, but it is aggravating.

The instance nature of the game is not a problem at all. The zones simply are not large enough to handle 200+ people in them, and feel alive with much less. They also are of very high quality and detail, both vertical and horizontally designed. The instance nature was needed mostly because they couldn’t fit people beyond a certain point.

There are some gripes. Chat is horrible, they need filters to color names of people talking. It gets hard to pick people out due to the small chatbox. I see glitches-for no reason my character gets stuck in walking mode, and pet AI and pathfinding is horrible.

It’s a fun game in limited doses, and very RP friendly, but it simply doesn’t have the legs to be a full-featured experience.


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