Metaplace folds

From here, looks like Raph Koster’s Metaplace is folding on new years. It is no surprise to me. Metaplace was my first beta, and while it seemed to be cool at first, there were many flaws.

If you want to make a game to let people make their own worlds, you really need to give a reason for people to visit those worlds if they do not make. You can’t focus solely on creators, and this is a lesson imo for blue mars too. Metaplace to me at least never gave that reason.

I’m sure others can comment on the creation. I never bothered because it was very apparent to make something interactive needed computer programming skills. While you could make your own room, it was pretty cumbersome to do so, although they had great ideas on the tools.

Going to be interesting to see how the blogosphere takes this, raph koster especially is considered a “name” in game design.

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